Chris Falcon In The News



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Chris Falcon uses podcasting as a new vehicle for motivation and self-expression.


Pop-up Art Gallery In Glenview Raises Awareness For Bullying Prevention.

Chris Falcon brings his Rufkart digital artwork to Glenview to fight bullying.

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The Best Shoulder Workout for beginners with Chris Falcon and Muscle & Fitness.

Chris Falcon shares his tips for shoulder hypertrophy with the magazine that started it all...Muscle & Fitness!


Chris Falcon shares tips on rope training with Under Armour and

Chris Falcon shares his favorite rope exercises and their benefits with the folks at


Chris Falcon and the Glenview Chamber of commerce launch mentoring program.

Chris Falcon and the Young Professionals of Glenview develop game changing mentoring program. 


Chris Falcon discusses his successes with conquering knee pain on

Chris Falcon attributes his success with conquering knee pain to adopting a plant based diet, and controlling inflammation. 


Chris Falcon talks to Weight watchers Canada about the importance of staying hydrated.

Chris Falcon breaks down the dynamics of staying hydrated at the cellular level with


Chris Falcon and the Young Professionals Do It Again!

In response to the need for food over the Summer months, Chris Falcon and his Young Professionals Group organize food drive for the Northfields Township Food Pantry.


The Word On Wellness "The No Casserole Illness"

Chris Falcon talks to Pastor Kyle Severson about the challenges of mental illness.


Glenview Businessman Chris Falcon Wins Civic Award For Community Involvement.

Motivational Speaker Chris Falcon in the Glenview Journal and Topics.


The Word on Wellness "Living Better Than Fine"

Motivational Speaker and columnist Chris Falcon interviews Michael Fine, a man who strives in spite of losing a limb in a terrible accident.


Glenview Business Owners come together for anti-Bullying Campaign

Chris Falcon promotes his non-profit anti-bullying organization Take No Bullying on ABC 7 Eyewitness News.


Glenview Business Owner Takes Community Approach To Halt Bullying

Chris Falcon talks anti-bullying with the Chicago Tribune.


Take No Bullying Founders Chris Falcon And Lisa Synnestvedt On WGN News.

Chris Falcon talks anti-bullying and community involvement live on WGN News.


Young Pros Seek Better Glenview

Young Professionals of Glenview Chairman Chris Falcon talks about plans for the community in the Glenview Lantern.


When Kids Can't Eat, A Summer Food Drive Kicks In

Chris Falcon and Young Professionals lead community food drive.