Thank you for your interest in helping me orchestrate my world. It can be quite complex and hectic at times. Let me give you a bit of insight into all it's working parts.

These are the roles I play:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Small Business Owner
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Glenview Chamber of Commerce Board of Director
  • Chairman of the Young Professionals of Glenview
  • President of Take No Bullying (not for profit organization)
  • Founder of Media Podz
  • Children's Book Author
  • Artist behind Rufkart High Quality Artistic Prints
  • Founder of Glenview Community Connect (community outreach)
  • Bi-weekly Colomnist in The Glenview Lantern
  • Journey Care Hospice Volunteer
  • In addition to these I have 2 wonderful boys at home, and a wife that works hard to keep me on my toes. 

Each one of those roles has a whole world of responsibilities, tasks, and goals. I currently manage them all by myself, but I know I can be more productive with help. 

Here are the roles you could play:

  • Assist with managing my hectic schedule, and ensuring I don't skip appointments.
  • Make all phone calls and appointments that I don't have to personally do myself.
  • Respond to emails and requests for bookings of all kinds.
  • Have a physical presence at my gym 2-3x/wk (hours could very based on your availability and tasks)
  • Researching potential opportunities for speaking engagements, and art distribution. (I've got art to sell and you can get a commission on it!)
  • Accompany me to speaking engagements and assist with basic filming/photos.
  • Planning of events ( I can't event tell you how many events I have going on. It needs to stop!)
  • Basic errands
  • Basic word processing

These are the type of people I play well with:

  • People that smile a lot
  • Laid back and relaxed (nervous people make me nervous)
  • Take initiative (I'm not good at micro-managing)
  • Don't take themselves too seriously
  • Like to have fun
  • Enjoy working on projects
  • Not too sensitive (If I don't like something you are doing I am going to tell you, and it will start out with these words..."Hear me out..." and finish with..."I'm just saying..."
  • Love music
  • Love food
  • Love growth of all kinds
  • Love people
  • Love being successful

Now it's time to learn about you. Please fill out the form below, and I will get back to you asap! Thanks for your interest in joining me on my journey!

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